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Children's Department


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  Children's Dept. 
"Winnie the Pooh and Gramma Too" by Cody Houston

Phone: 765-654-8746 x128


Peggy Williams, Head of Children's
Peggy Kloenne, Asst. Head of Childrens
Jenny Miller, Children's Librarian
Richard Gibson, Children's Librarian
Cathy Norris, Children's Asst.
Amy Marsh, Children's Asst.

Books to Go Kits

Books to Go Kits

These kits are part of our Every Child Ready to Read initiative at the library.  The kits are based on a theme designed to support early reading preparation skills such as singing, talking, reading writing and playing.

The kits include materials such as books, prepared activities to support reading preparation skills and more.  Visit the Frankfort, Michigan Road, Mulberry or Rossville Libraries fore more information or to check out these kits!

The Children's Department is located in the
Library's historic Carnegie Wing. 

Read more about Andrew Carnegie below.

Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish-born businessman who lived from 1835-1919. He made his fortune in the Steel Industry. After retiring, he became known as a great philanthropist. (A philanthropist is someone who hopes to make all of society better, often by supporting a charity.)  Because of his generous gifts the first Frankfort Library building was constructed. The Children's Dept. is housed in one of the many Carnegie Libraries, located throughout the English-Speaking world. 

To find out more about Andrew Carnegie,
click on his name!




Early Literacy Stations
Check out our Early Literacy & After School Edge Stations

Programs found on the computers:
Early Literacy Stations Program List
After School Edge Program List

Young Hoosier Book Award 


Homework Help

Gale Testing & Education Resource Center
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information about careers

Gale Biography Resource Center
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Inspire Kids Search Portal
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Need help with anything relating to a book or author?  Try here!

Other Homework Resources:

INSPIRE K-12 Resources
Homework Spot

Rose-Hulman Homework Hotline Math Homework Help

Children's Dept. Programs    


  • LapSit
  • Toddler Time
  • Story Hour
  • School Age Specials
  • Study Break Down Under

Click here for program descriptions.


Start a Reaction @ Your Library!

Start a Reaction is a science discovery session in which students learn about the wonderful world around them!
Students have the opportunity to learn many things in Start a Reaction.  Past programs have included petting boa constrictors, planting your own garden and making ice cream!

Start a Reaction is an hour long program once a month on a Saturday.  Students in grades 1st-3rd meet from 9-10 am and students in grades 4+ meet
from 10:30-11:30. 



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