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Children's Services
Objectives:  Salary and fringe benefits for an additional Children's Librarian with a Master's in Library Science or a Bachelor of arts with appropriate experience and a love of children;

 Children's books, audio tapes, magazines, audio visual materials and equipment; 

funds for special education programs as well as fund things such as workshops and sessions for puppetry, mime, magic, theatre, dance and music;

Art and craft classes and supplies; 

Reading incentives, remedial reading classes, story hours and nutritious snacks; 

Afterschool activities for latch -key children and outreach services to children in daycare facilities.

GOAL:  $1,000,000

Children's Department

Genealogy and Local History
Objectives:  Adequately trained personnel to build the collection on local history and genealogy and to answer reference questions and index local records.
Purchase additional materials; preserve, protect and publicize existing materials. 
Present programs  on local history and genealogy.
GOAL:  $1,000,000.   
Genealogy Department                        
 The Arts
Objectives:  The Boards of Trustees have established the Anna and Harlan Hubbard School of Living and hired a full-time Arts Director whose salary is primarily paid by the Friends of the Frankfort Library and endowment funds.                                   

Goals for the future include:

Expanding the classes and programs offered to include ones that can be applied towards college credit.

Define our art collecting philosophy and acquire works towards that end to build a museum quality collection.  

Purchase art and crafts for exhibition and for lending to the public.

Train staff in proper storage and restoration skills so the art collection can be cared for properly.

Add the position of Exhibitions/Collections Curator to build the art collection.

GOAL:  $1,000,000

Anna and Harlan Hubbard School of Living


Endowment Plan

The Boards of Trustees of the Frankfort Community Public Library and Clinton County Contractual Public Library have established an Endowment fund to enhance library services and provide cultural activities to the growing population of Frankfort and Clinton County.  Our library budget is being squeezed by a combination of inflation and the public's desire for more sophisticated and expensive services such as the Internet, and computer and communications technology.  We will need to provide an adequate library building in Michigantown and maintain the new Mulberry and Rossville Libraries.  In order to provide for the future, we are attempting to raise an Endowment fund of $6,000,000.  The interest would be used to supplement the tax-supported budgets of the Frankfort and Clinton County Libraries in six project areas:

  1. Children's Services
  2. Adult Services
  3. Genealogy and Local History
  4. Buildings and Grounds
  5. The Arts
  6. Trustee Unrestricted Fund

How to Give

Please consider making a gift to the Library Endowment Fund.  You can provide for your family, friends, and the library with careful planning.  A will can be drawn to leave money, securities or property to the library in the event that all heirs are deceased at the time the will is probated.  Mary Gorham Herrick left the library the "rest and residue of my estate" after making specific bequests to relatives and charitable organizations.  Gifts or bequests may be made in memory of a relative or friend and may be designated toward any of the five project areas or the the Trustee Unrestricted Fund.

The Library may also be named as the beneficiary of an insurance policy.  Gifts to the library are tax deductible under state and federal income tax laws.  Funds given directly to the library may only be invested in bank certificates of deposits or United States Treasury Bills.  We may receive stocks and bonds and may hold onto them, but we cannot purchase them.

Also appreciated securities of property may sometimes by donated to tax-deductible charities in such a way that the heirs actually receive a financial gain because of decreased state and federal inheritance taxes.  We recently received a bequest of $120.000 that the heirs said would have gone to taxes if not to the library.  We would suggest you consult your attorney, trust officer, or a Certified Public Accountant for tax implications of a charitable gift.

Gifts or bequests may be made directly to the Frankfort Community Public Library's Endowment Fund, the Clinton County Contractual Public Library's Endowment Fund, or the Clinton County Community Foundation Endowment Fund.



Contact Us

Frankfort Community/Clinton County Contractual Public Library
208 W. Clinton St.
Frankfort, IN 46041
Phone: 765-654-8746
Fax: 765-654-8747

Director:  Michelle Bradley


Adult Services

Objectives: Salary and fringe benefits for a full-time qualified Audio-Visual Librarian;

Funds to supplement the adult book and materials budget especially in the areas of self-sufficiency, agriculture, business, environment, health, art, music, building trades, crafts and cooking;

Materials and services for the visually impaired, audio-visual materials and equipment;

Computer equipment and fees to provide on-line access to data bases to provide reference service to individuals, businesses and industry;

Funds to provide the delivery of books to shut-ins and the elderly

GOAL:  $1,000,000

Reference Department

Extension Services


Buildings and Grounds
Objectives:  Salary and fringe benefits for a full-time horticulturist to maintain library grounds and to provide assistance to the public in planning flower and vegetable gardens;

Funds to help pay the increased costs of repairs to the building, grounds, and equipment;

Funds to landscape and maintain the library grounds to make them both beautiful and educational.

Currently we have a part-time gardener and student help during the summer.  With the completion of the Mulberry and Rossville Libraries, the work load has increased.  One major challenge is to keep improving the prairie at Rossville.

GOAL:  $1,000,000

Library Gardens


Trustee Unrestricted Fund
Money donated to this fund may be invested and the interest spent at the discretion of the Boards of Trustees. 

 The Trustees may also use the capital from this fund without budgeting or appropriation within the scope of their statutory authority if an emergency exists.

GOAL:  $1,000,000

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