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Want to Help the Library? 

You can donate to the library in a variety of ways. You can make a one-time donation by clicking on the button below:

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Or, you can do some shopping!

                To all those who love to shop online, we have good news! An opportunity has emerged that enables you to shop (virtually) guilt free! The Frankfort Community Public Library recently became a participant in an internet program called iGive. This program is wonderful because whenever a patron shops online, a percentage of their purchases goes towards the library. For example, let’s say I have been eyeing a nice jacket from L.L Bean. Instead of just going straight to their website, I instead go to There, they kind of “tag” you as being a member of iGive and that part of your purchases go towards a non- profit group. After you have been “tagged” you can proceed to go to the L.L. Bean website. Then, you can buy that great jacket and feel good knowing that not only did you treat yourself, but you also helped out your library.
                There are over 400 online vendors who participate in the program, many of whom you probably already shop from. Here, I have included a short list of some of them:

 L.L Bean
Ann Taylor                           
Eddie Bauer                        
Land’s End                           
Barnes and Noble               
Books -A-Million               
Discovery Store                   
Oriental Trading Company
Dell Computers

                      Rest assured, your shopping is safe and secure. In addition,  iGive’s privacy policy clearly states that they will never give out your name, address or other information to a third party unless they are required by law. (Under a subpoena or court order)  For detailed information on how to participate, please see below:



    To find out specifics on what your donated money goes towards, please visit our Endowment  web page.

Thank you!


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